New Construction Private Money Loans

Stratton Equities has loan programs for real estate investors, builders and developers. Our New Construction private money mortgages offer financing for the acquisition, development, or new construction of ground-up development projects.

Working with a direct private money lender for new construction projects gives real estate investors the flexibility and capital to cover up the project cost from single-family homes to larger multifamily properties.

A new construction private money loan is a short-term loan utilized to finance the construction of a real estate investment property in a fast and flexible manner.

Private Money Loans for new construction or renovations, use a portion of the funds to distribute at closing to finance lot acquisition, while the rest is held in escrow.

The rehab budget is used to create a draw schedule, which organizes, appoints, and budgets at which stage of the project certain work will be completed. When a particular phase, or draw, is finished,  an inspection is scheduled to confirm the work has been completed. Once the private money lender receives the confirmation of completion, the funds are distributed.

This entire process usually takes about 3 days. This draw process helps both the private money lender and the borrower on track with the project and spending.

At Stratton Equities, the process of obtaining a Private Money New Construction loan is much different than that of a conventional mortgage.

A Private Money New Construction loan, is unlike a conventional loan, which requires a significant amount of paperwork, where our mortgage program requires less documentation and underwriting.

Once you have submitted an application for a private money new construction loan, one of our loan officers will get back to you within 24 hrs.

New Construction Loan Summary

  • Up to 85% of Project Cost

  • Loans from $75K to $20M

  • 12-24 Month Term

  • Eligible Properties: Single-Family Detached, Condos, Townhomes, Multi-Family

How can you benefit from a Private Money New Construction Loan?

Real Estate Investors, Builders, and Developers choose private money new construction loans, because it offers three significant advantages over conventional or bank-financing arrangements.

A Private Money New Construction Mortgage Program has a lot less documentation, a significant less mount of underwriting, and it is utilized for its speed - in comparison to bank new construction programs.


As private lenders, Stratton Equities can fund quickly, efficiently, and within a flexible structure and terms. 

A big part of a new is speed

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