Loan Officer Profile - LouisSimpson

Louis Simpson spent his childhood in a poverty stricken neighborhood in New Jersey. His teenage mother struggled everyday to put food on the table. One year he and his mother searched their tiny apartment for enough change - $17 worth - for a Thanksgiving meal from Boston Market. Through all of their struggles, Louis has learned the importance of caring for others and the value of money. He uses these traits with his current and prospective clients by guiding them in the appropriate direction while always keeping their budget in mind. At the age of 16, he got an after-school job on Wall Street making cold calls for the Stock Brokers of a small boutique firm.

He instantly fell in love with the industry. With his strong work ethic and desire to help others, he went from being a stockbroker to a full service Financial Advisor. As his client book grew he started to understand the importance of insurance through estate planning and tax free retirement. Louis eventually found Health Insurance to be a core part of his business as his client's concerns directed him that way. He has been noted as a "Massachusetts Health Insurance Expert" by some of the top media outlets as he "helps business owners and individuals make educated choices regarding the Affordable Care Act."

Louis has over 10 years experience in every facet of the insurance and financial services industry as President, Sales Manager, Financial Advisor, Stockbroker and Cold-Caller with a successful background in business start-up and development.

Louis sits on the Board of Directors of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and is the Business Efficiency Consultant for Forgotten Moms.

Louis lives in North Haledon and has three children Louis Jr. 4, Savannah 2 and Kennedy 2 mos.

Louis roots for the New Jersey Devils and is a big Cigar Aficionado.

Stratton Equities is glad to have Louis on board as one of our Loan Officers.

You can reach Louis Simpson at

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