Q&A with Stratton Equities - Loan Officer - Chris Edgcombe

Stratton Equities is at a turning point, the largest mortgage equities firm in the country has a problem that most companies would kill for. TOO MUCH BUSINESS!

Michael Mikhail, Stratton’s CEO, has stacks of hot direct leads sitting on his desk ready to be handed out to experienced hungry loan officers.

One of those loan officers is Chris Edgcombe, a young hot-shot, who like others in his profession, was previously stuck in a company that kept him in a box (a literal box) wearing a shirt and tie with 3,999 other loan officers.

Chris worked 10-15 hour days and weekends, with absolutely no social life, living paycheck to paycheck. He had to find his own leads, often cold-leads, provide his own materials, and all for a less than mediocre payout.

When his friend, Brendon Foster Stratton’s Branch Manager, told him about the innovative mortgage company and its unique benefits and opportunities, Edgcombe literally got into his car and drove from North Carolina to New Jersey to join the team. Here’s a look into the mind, and heart of one of Stratton Equities’ top Loan Officers.

Q. What’s one of the biggest reasons you chose to move to NJ and join Stratton Equities?

A. I really felt that I had reached a plateau at my last job and that I would always be stuck. There wasn’t any room to grow or excel in the company, therefore making financial freedom impossible. Stratton gives me the flexibility to live my life, work at my own pace, and with the highest paid commissions that I’ve ever encountered in the industry.

Q. What’s the most significant difference between your previous job and Stratton Equities?

A.It’s what most people would consider the little things; relationship with colleagues, relaxed dress code, and a good work atmosphere.

Q. Is there a difference between the two positions as far as contact with management?

A. At my previous job, you never got to see or speak with management. Here (at Stratton) I have daily contact with the CEO, he’s always there to support me and answer any questions I may have about our various programs.

Q. What do you mean by that?

A. Most mortgage companies focus on one specific type of loan program. It’s very restrictive and forces loan officers to say “no” more than “yes,” when finally obtaining a lead. Stratton Equities has the widest range of available programs (Over 50), it’s very rare to have so many types of loan programs under one roof. Other companies I’ve worked for only have 2 or 3. It’s also nationwide, which allows me to work with investors in all 50 states.

Q. Anything else you’d like us to know?

A. I’m just happy to be working with a great group of people with common goals and a knowledgeable leader that I can learn from and advance my career.

Stratton Equities is happy that Chris is with them, want to join Chris? Go to loanofficerscareers.com!

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