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What is the purpose of a Foreclosure Bailout Loan for Real Estate Investing?

A Foreclosure Bailout Loan is a mortgage loan that helps prevent a foreclosure from occurring on a property. It is typically used in emergencies in which a property owner needs their debt burden refinanced immediately to not lose their property. 


Private money lenders that provide foreclosure bailout loans may be more difficult to find since very few lenders provide this mortgage program - however, Stratton Equities is a one-stop-shop, that has all types of mortgage programs under one roof. Because we work nationwide, we can help real estate investors, around the country, get out of foreclosure in a quick, efficient, and effective manner.

What is a Foreclosure Bailout Loan?

A Foreclosure Bailout loan is considered an asset based refinance mortgage, based on the current appraised value of the property or asset. 


This type of loan program, also known as a Bailout Foreclosure Loan, is an additional loan taken out to refinance and pay off the existing mortgage that is in default. It is typically marketed to struggling homeowners who are willing to take on another mortgage so as to avoid immediate foreclosure. Depending on your lender, a Foreclosure Bailout Loan can be applied almost anywhere in the country, including places such as Florida.


Additionally, Foreclosure Bailout loans require an appraisal to determine the value of the collateral. 


Stratton Equities offers Foreclosure Bailout Loans that are specially designed to save investment properties from having their properties being foreclosed upon by the bank. This particular loan is only eligible for investment properties, not owner-occupied properties.


If you are facing foreclosure or are 3 or more payments behind in your mortgage, a Foreclosure Bailout loan from Stratton Equities can help you receive direct funding.​ We have helped hundreds of real estate investors stop foreclosure and we can help you too.

Foreclosure Bail-Out Loan Summary

  • Investment Properties Only: Single-Family, Condos, Townhomes, Multi-Family, Commercial, Mixed Use, Office, Retail, Industrial, Warehouse

  • $200K – $5M

  • Rates from 9.00% - 11.99%

  • Loans up to 55% of value

  • Bridge Loans Only

  • Up to 12 months term

  • Foreign Nationals Eligible

  • Interest Only Option Available

What are the benefits of utilizing a Foreclosure Bailout Mortgage Program for Real Estate Investors?

As a real estate investor, you want to make sure that your investment properties never fall through, otherwise, you can lose your properties to foreclosure. In the event of potential foreclosure, you might want to consult a Foreclosure Bailout Loan as it can save you in immediacy; however, it comes with some caveats and risks.


Correspondingly, an existing mortgage refers to all current mortgages executed in connection with the existing credit agreement, or any predecessor credit agreement. This can apply to all mortgages, whether it be one or multiple or newly acquired and preexisting, attached to a mortgaged property, which is secured as an obligation to the mortgage lender. A mortgaged property is legally bound to its credit agreement as it suggests that the property’s ownership flips to the mortgage lender if the debt cannot be repaid.


A Foreclosure Bailout Loan is also a risky expenditure as it can result in steep interest rates and a high possibility of defaulting and going back into foreclosure once again. So, it is very important, as a real estate entrepreneur, to be aware of what your current and expected property value is, what type of loan option you have and what its capabilities are, and what your budget can uphold as far as purchases and reconstruction costs, and whom you are lending from. You do not want to be a victim of predatory lenders, who expect you to fall into deeper debt with risky bailout loans. As such, it is vital to find a trustworthy mortgage lender who will give you the benefits and loan options that fit best with your property needs.


Looking towards a private money lender for a foreclosure bailout loan is a great solution to a highly stressful financial situation. Private lenders, like Stratton Equities, are willing to work with borrowers to lend homeowners money to avoid foreclosure. ​

Stratton Equities is a nationwide direct private money lender and has a foreclosure bailout mortgage option to help stop foreclosure regardless of your credit history.

Looking for more information about Direct Private Money Lender?

Direct Private money lenders, like Stratton Equities which offer Nationwide loan programs, help borrowers who are behind in their mortgage payments and need assistance before they lose their property due to foreclosure. We ensure to offer loan programs and a dedicated team of knowledgeable and experienced loan officers that will allow real estate investors to retain their homes.

How do Direct Private Money Lenders utilize Foreclosure Bailout Loans?

A mortgage lender is an individual or an organization that loans out money to individuals who own property. This can apply to both homeowners and real estate investors. However, when it comes to real estate investors looking for financing on investment property, a mortgage lender will typically come in the form of a Hard Money Lender or a Private Money Lender.


Private lenders can offer a multitude of benefits that make them more competitive, such as less documentation required for approval, faster approval and direct financing, and specific loan options aimed at reducing barriers and red tape. Here at Stratton Equities, we provide Foreclosure Bailout Loans for real estate investors only, and they come in the form of Asset-Based Bridge Loans, which are tied directly to the property itself.


Our interest rates range from 9-12% and our max LTV ratio is 55%. Interest rates are a reflection of an amount borrowed and the period to which the principal sum is owed back in full. They can fluctuate based on the borrower and they are typically incorporated into the monthly payments. More specifically, interest rates take into account the total current debt and compound it as an appreciation of value, which periodically accumulates over time.


In addition, our Bridge Loans for foreclosure bailouts can last up to 12 months, meaning you can pay up to 12 months of monthly payments. Monthly payments are what you pay to your lender each month, and they are methodically designed to match a consistent decline in the primary payment and the accumulation of interest over time.


A Foreclosure Bailout Loan is the best option for someone about to lose their investment property due to Foreclosure. By working with Stratton Equities, a trusted private money lender, you can rest easy knowing that you have a trusted and reliable team in your corner. 

How to Apply for a Foreclosure Bailout Loan?

If you are a real estate investor looking to Apply Now for a Foreclosure Bailout Loan, it is a quick and easy process. 


Our online application process for direct financing for your investment property is easy and accessible with minimum legal fees. The online loan application is a form that can be filled out and submitted through the Internet such that it is electronically transmitted to a database, website, email, or IP address. It is a simpler and more efficient way of conducting agreements and transmitting information. 


If you have a low credit score, you can still apply for a Foreclosure Bailout Loan, as the loan is tied directly to the property, serving as collateral for the lender. A credit score is a number that reflects a consumer’s creditworthiness, reliability, and consistency in paying off their debts. It is typically defined by your credit history, which records your asset, debt, and equity levels over time, which of your accounts are open and in use, and when your debts are repaid.


Here at Stratton Equities, we strive to help anyone who wants to get involved in real estate investing or who needs financial aid. We want to ensure our customers' satisfaction by providing them with the utmost care and responsibility for their investments and future endeavors. Whether it be an emergency bailout loan, we serve to protect our client's rights as investors and entrepreneurs.

Ready to Finance Your Investment Properties?

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