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Stratton Equities was created to provide a central hub for real estate entrepreneurs and borrowers to have the best chance at success. Our company has the largest library of direct private money and NON-QM mortgage loan programs under one roof for nationwide real estate investors.

When a prospective borrower works with a Mortgage Loan Officer from our team, they have access to the library of our innovative, efficient, and fast mortgage programs, with a company they can trust. 


Our direct nationwide private money and non-qualified mortgage (NON-QM) loan programs are tailored to meet your real estate investment needs, regardless of what type of loan product you’re looking for your investment property.


As the leading nationwide direct private money lender for real estate investors, our borrowers can rely on us to quickly finance their real estate deals and help them grow their business.

Learn How You Can Purchase an Investment Property with the right Mortgage Program and try out our Mortgage Calculator.

Ready to Apply for a Hard Money Loan? Find out more. Looking for a Fix and Flip Loan? Fix and Flip Loans 101.

To get started, visit our Document Library for all the documents you need to apply for your loan!

The Nation's Leading Direct Private Money & NON-QM Mortgage Lender

At Stratton Equities, we've created the best investment property loan options to provide an assortment of specialized mortgage programs.


As one of the leading direct hard money lenders nationwide, we work closely with real estate entrepreneurs and borrowers from across the country (as well as both Hawaii and Alaska) and provide them with best-in-class options tailored to their unique investment property loan scenarios.


The mission of Stratton Equities has been to establish the largest assortment of nationwide mortgage loan programs in the industry under one roof. Our specialized NO DOC Hard Money Loans ensure that the mortgage process is quick, easy, and convenient for every real estate investor.


Here is an overview of our specialty loan programs that can help any borrower take advantage of your next real estate investment opportunity!

When it comes to real estate investment opportunities we know how important it is to have a fast and efficient financing process for your project. At Stratton Equities, we offer direct private money and NON-QM loan programs for nationwide real estate investors for both commercial and investment properties.


Unlike the grueling process of bank mortgages which can take upwards of forty-five days, Stratton Equities can approve your loan scenario and fund a direct private money loan program that will provide you with funds in an average closing time of just 3 weeks or less, no upfront fee, no junk fees, no tax returns! We are here to quickly assist you every step of the way.

The primary benefit of a direct private money loan program is that it allows you to do more Real Estate transactions, which is why many Real Estate Investors choose to utilize it. There is a large number of real estate investors that struggle with other sources of money such as conventional mortgages and lines of credit.

The primary benefit of private money is that it allows you to do more deals faster!

Looking for more information on Direct Private Money Lenders? Click Here.​

What is a Direct Private Money and NON-QM Lender?

A direct private money and NON-QM lender and/or a direct hard money lender, are terms that usually get mixed due to the similarities both titles possess when it comes to real estate investing. 

Both a Direct Private Money Lender and Hard Money lender will lend based on the borrowers’ assets or the property itself, however these type of lenders take into account additional factors beyond just the property such as credit history, liquidity, and income. 

Private lenders are not conventional banks but rather financial institutions that loan real estate investors the funding they need to finance their real estate investment deals.

Stratton Equities is one of the Leading Direct Private Money and Direct Hard Money Lenders Nationwide, we utilize the following loan products and more:

First and foremost, Stratton Equities loans on a specific set of real estate investment properties. We concentrate on 1-4 unit, mixed-use, multi-family, commercial, storage, office, warehouse, industrial, and apartment buildings. This is in contrast to the majority of private lenders, who primarily work with commercial or residential properties.

Real estate investors looking to take advantage of a residential project may opt to work with a private lender on a single-family or multi-family property.

Why Should A Real Estate Investor Apply for a Loan with a Direct Private Money and NON-QM Mortgage Lender?

Real Estate Investors choose to work with these Loan Programs or Hard Money Loan Programs because of the flexibility, fast turnaround, and fewer underwriting guidelines/requirements. 

When working with a Direct Private Money Lender, like Stratton Equities, we provide the quickness real estate investors will appreciate when trying to close a loan; especially for a Fix and Flip (21-35 days), or Bridge Loans (also 21-35 days), this is faster than the lengthy time frame banks typically take to complete a loan.


Furthermore, a private money lender is a better choice because banks tend to not lend on rehab costs.


Additionally, when working with a private lender, Real Estate Investors will receive the freedom and ability to scale their investments beyond what banks or other hard money lenders can provide.  

Stratton Equities also focuses on Fix and Flip projects and rental properties. In these specific scenarios, we provide borrowers with our valuable professional insight and up to 85% LTV, 100% of the rehab costs, and 75% ARV.

This is very evident when it comes to working with multiple properties -  banks will limit investors to only a few properties to loan on at a time, whereas private lenders usually will not have limits on the number of properties an investor can be working on.

What Real Estate Investment Properties Do Private Lenders Loan On?

Stratton Equities' Direct Private Money Loan Programs work with a variety of loan scenarios for investment properties. The majority of private and direct hard money lenders work with real estate investors on commercial or residential properties. However, at Stratton Equities we work with 1-4 unit, mixed-use, multi-family, commercial, storage, office, warehouse, industrial, and apartment buildings. 

These mortgage loan programs are perfect for private investors who cannot obtain a bank loan from a traditional financing (conventional bank) source due to their employment history, investing experience, and credit score. 

What are the types of Loan Programs for Private Investors in the Real Estate Market?

There are two types of loan products; asset based loans and term loans. An asset based loan is a mortgage program that is always a bridge loan with a loan term of 12-24 months. 


Asset based lending is based on the liquid assets of the borrower, as well their credit score, but not the salary they earn or employment history. Specific programs include; bridge loan, hard money loan, multifamily, 1-4 family, and commercial. The loan amounts for this type of loan is $100K-$5M and are not to be used as personal loans.

Benefits of Asset Based Loans:

  • These loans are typically faster than a traditional loan, and require less documentation and paperwork. In addition to closing faster than a term loan, these loans have fewer underwriting guidelines and higher interest rates.

  • The cash flow asset based lending offers can bridge the gap between expenditures and incoming cash receipts for your business.

  • The loan money can be used as you need it, and is not tied to a certain purpose (such as equipment purchase.)

A Term Loan is a type of loan that requires no proof of income or tax records from the borrowers. Instead, this loan is based on credit history, real estate investment experience, and liquid assets, which are then processed through underwriting.

The relationship between the borrower and the private money lender, is based on the loan agreement that the borrower can afford loan payments and will make them. A Term Loan is perfect for self-employed individuals or individuals without a regular income source. Specific Term Loan Programs; NO-DOC Loan, Soft Money Loan, Stated Income Loan, No-Income Verification Loan, Cash-out Refinance Loan, and Rental Loan.

Benefits of Term Loans:

  • Fast approval process, making it well suited to the quick turn-around associated with real estate investing.

  • It can be utilized on an array of property types, including, Single-family, Condos, Townhomes, Multi-Family, Commercial, Mixed Use, Office, Retail, Industrial, and Warehouse.

  • The loans can be up to 80% of value, with rates starting at 6.99%, and with loan amounts ranging from $100K – $5M.

Direct private money or a NON-QM (non-qualified mortgage) mortgage program is a type of loan that is for investment properties only, it is for private investors looking to invest in the real estate market, and cannot be used on owner-occupied properties. 

For real estate investors leaning towards the residential side of investing, private lenders can work with investors on either single-family properties or multi-family deals

At Stratton Equities we also focus on fix and flip and rental properties, providing the borrowers with up to 85% of the purchase and repair costs of the investment properties, in addition to an experienced and professional team that help our borrowers further grow their businesses.

Each of our specialized mortgage programs features unique characteristics, ranging from loan size and term to various interest rates and credit score qualifications. To discover which option is right for your loan scenario - calculate your loan in our Mortgage Calculator.

Found an investment property and interested in applying for a loan?

What are the benefits of working with a Direct Private Money Loan Program?

Whether you wish to flip a property or obtain a bridge loan, working with a direct private money loan program is a simple, quick solution for getting the real estate funding you need for your investment property.


- Less Underwriting

- Closes Faster (21-35 days)

- Less Guidelines

- Access to Endless Capital = Opportunity to Endless Deals


If you have an investment property and would like to speak to one of our Loan Officers, Apply Now 


With private money rates ranging from 6.99% to 10.49%, it’s clear to see why Stratton Equities is the top choice for ambitious real estate investors.


Contact us online, call us at 800-962-6613, email us, or apply for loan pre-qualification today.

If you have an investment property and would like to speak to one of our Loan Officers, Apply Now!

Everything you need to know about Hard Money Loans: Hard Money Made Easy 101.

Nationwide Property Types for Direct Private Money Loan Programs for Real Estate Investors

A borrower can obtain a direct private money loan program, nationwide, on most property types. Working with Stratton Equities is a superior choice, based on our library of various mortgage programs, including private money rental loans, with the lowest private money rates (starting at 6.99%), a professional and passionate team, and a quick loan approval process.  


However, with so many specialized mortgage programs under one roof, it may seem difficult to pinpoint precisely which of Stratton Equities' programs is right for your real estate investment scenario.  

How do you know which Specialized Mortgage Program is right for you? Stratton Equities can provide a direct nationwide private money loan program for the following property types:

- 1-4 Family

- Mixed Use

- Multi-Family

- Commercial

If you have an investment property and wish to speak with one of our Loan Officers, call Stratton Equities at 800-962-6613 or apply for loan pre-qualification today!

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