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Simplified Lending: Nationwide NO-DOC Rental Loans

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate investing, Stratton Equities paves the way with our NO-DOC rental loans, available nationwide. Designed with the modern investor in mind, our NO-DOC loans eliminate extensive paperwork, offering a streamlined path to funding. Stratton Equities ensures your rental investment aspirations are within reach. Experience hassle-free financing, wherever you are.

Rental Loans - Unlock the Equity of Your Rental Loans

At Stratton Equities, our rental loan programs allow you to access long-term financing at a fixed rate. With our Direct Private Money Loan Programs, you can use our loans to unlock your existing equity, consolidate other debt, or purchase new rental properties.

The rental loan programs that we provide for real estate investment properties allow experienced real estate investors to purchase individual rental properties to expand their portfolios. Real estate investors utilize our rental loans to refinance a property for a lower rate or purchase a new investment property for rental purposes.


Our library of loan products is flexible to meet the needs of different rental property investors. If you're looking for a rental loan for your investment property, reach out to a member of our loan officer team and Contact Us today or Apply Now!

Like all of our direct private money lending programs, we ensure a hassle-free and reliable loan process for our rental loan programs. 


Looking for more information on our Loan Programs?  Check out a Complete List of our diverse array of nationwide direct private money loan programs for real estate investors.

Get started on all the documents and requirements for your Rental Loan, visit our Document Library​ to discover what you need throughout the loan process.

Why should you invest in a Rental Property?

Experienced Real Estate Investors choose to invest in rental properties to build long-term wealth through rental real estate. Rental loans provide long-term financing for single-family residential properties, commercial propertiesmulti-family properties, and more.

Rental Loan Summary

  • Investment Properties Only: Single-Family, Condos, Townhomes, Multi-Family, Commercial, Mixed Use, Office, Retail, Industrial, Warehouse

  • Rates Starting at 6.99%

  • $100K – $5M

  • Up to 80% LTV

  • Blanket Loan Options Available

  • Fixed rates/Adjustable

  • 5/1 ARM, 30-Year Fixed 

  • Interest Only Option Available

  • Foreign Nationals Eligible

  • No Prepayment Penalty Option Available

The Advantage of NO-DOC Rental Loans

NO-DOC (No Documentation) rental loans are a boon for investors seeking a quicker and less invasive loan process. Without the need for extensive income documentation or tax returns, these loans provide a seamless application experience. Particularly suitable for self-employed individuals or those with unique income structures, NO-DOC loans address a significant gap in the traditional lending market. Stratton Equities' NO-DOC rental loans are the bridge to your next investment, offering competitive rates and flexible terms.

Why Choose Stratton Equities for Your Nationwide NO-DOC Loan?

Stratton Equities stands at the intersection of expertise, trust, and innovation. With our nationwide reach, we’ve tailored our NO-DOC rental loans to meet the diverse needs of investors across regions.


Our experienced team ensures that every client receives personalized guidance, helping to navigate the nuances of the NO-DOC loan process. Add to this our commitment to prompt approvals and funding, and you have a partner who truly understands the essence of timely real estate investments. When you choose Stratton Equities, you're selecting a lender committed to your growth and success.

Ready to Finance Your Investment Properties?

Apply now. Our originations team is ready to work on your loan.
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