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Multi-Family Hard Money Loan Programs for Real Estate Investors

If you’re a real estate investor looking to acquire financing for a multi-family property as your investment, a private money loan or a direct hard money loan may be the solution for your multi-family investment property. 


Multi-family properties are some of the most popular investments among real estate investors. Borrowers in the past used traditional financing, but more recently, multifamily hard money loans through Stratton Equities offer an alternative capital source for investors.


What are mortgage lenders? Mortgage lenders are individuals or groups who offer financing for properties in the form of either Hard Money, DSCR for Self-Employed Borrowers, NO-DOC, Soft Money, or a traditional mortgage loan. They can provide both financing and strategic advice for borrowers looking to invest in some real estate. Depending on which loan options are available, mortgage lenders can set terms, interest rates, and a repayment schedule to ensure their offer is in good hands. They can also speed up the transactional and approval process by lessening underwriting to make their appeal greater to borrowers.


What is Multi-Family Hard Money? Multi-Family Hard Money is a type of real estate investment based on a property that can house multiple families and suites. It is a perfect loan scenario for landlords looking to house tenants. It is one of the most common and secure forms of hard money for investors as you can accumulate a steady amount of passive income as a real estate investor. As opposed to single-family properties, Multi-Family Hard Money is a much more ideal investment scenario because there are more than a few sources that accumulate money, making it a reliable source of income for the investor.

Hard Money Lending for Multi-family Investment Properties

There are a few reasons why prospective borrowers look to seek out hard money loans for their multi-family investment property over conventional financing - Private Money Lenders who work with private money and hard money loan programs usually have fewer restrictions and more liquidity than traditional loans, and grant funding much faster as a result.


With that said, you may be wondering what private money lenders look for to determine loan eligibility for a Multi-family investment property.

Stratton Equities provides Multi-Family Private Money Loan Programs when you're looking for a better investment beyond single-family homes. Multi-family real estate properties are buildings that consist of two or more separate units. Like all our direct private money lending programs we ensure a hassle-free and reliable loan process.

Multi-family properties are some of the most popular investments among real estate investors. Borrowers in the past used traditional financing, but more recently, multifamily hard money loans through Stratton Equities offer an alternative capital source for investors.  

Looking for more information on Private Money Loans? Visit our Private Money Loan Programs Page.

Multi-Family Investment Property Private Money Loan Summary

  • Investment Properties Only: Multi-Family, Commercial, Mixed Use, Office, Retail, Industrial, Warehouse

  • Rates Starting at 9.99%

  • $100K – $5M

  • Up to 75% LTV

  • Blanket Loan Options Available

  • Fixed rates/Adjustable

  • 5/1 ARM, 30-Year Fixed 

  • Interest Only Option Available

  • Foreign Nationals Eligible

  • No Prepayment Penalty Option Available

The Benefits of Investing in a Multi Family Property

Fast Approval

Stratton Equities' Multi-Family Private Money programs are closed within an average of 21-35 days. Ensuring a quick, hassle-free process for all prospective borrowers. Stratton Equities' loan amounts range from $100K to $5M. 

Underwriting Process

Stratton Equities has a flexible underwriting process that allows potential real estate investors to easily secure funding for Multi-Family Properties, Up to 85% LTV. Access the maximum equity in your asset and unleash your investment potential.

Long Term Passive Income

A Multi-Family unit is a great option for an investment property instead of purchasing multiple separate single-family properties. It's beneficial for its long-term passive income potential for real estate investors.

Why should you invest in a Multi-Family Property?

For private real estate investors family real estate investing has multiple advantages, for instance; Investing in a Multi-family real estate property generates a strong cash flow each month, and it's a great option for Real Estate Investors who want to develop a large portfolio of rental properties and can build their portfolio relatively quickly by purchasing a multi-family property. 


A Multi-Family property is an alternative option versus acquiring multiple separate single-family properties and providing long-term passive income.

​Whether you’re new to investing in real estate or you’re an experienced real estate investor looking to diversify your portfolio, multi-family real estate investing offers a solid real estate investment opportunity. 

​When looking to invest in a multi-family property, Stratton Equities has the Private Money Loan Program to fit your loan scenario. 

Hard Money Loan for Multi-Family Investment Property

The benefit of using a hard money loan for a multi-family property is that, unlike a conventional loan, it is fast, flexible, and functional. Find out more about why you should utilize a hard money loan by watching our Top 3 Reasons to Use Hard Money Loans.

Learn How to Get a Hard Money Loan with Stratton Equities.

The Top 3 Reasons to Use a Hard Money Loan for a Multi-Family Investment Property: 

1. Fast Funding - A Hard Money Loan on a Multi-Family Investment Property can close within 3 weeks.

2. Flexible Underwriting Process - Up to 75% LTV on a Hard Money Loan,  Rates Starting at 9.99%

3. It's Functional - A Real Estate Investor can purchase a Multi-Family Investment Property with a Hard Money Loan as an easy long-term passive income opportunity.

A true Hard Money Loan (is an asset-based loan, which means the financing is based on the loan-to-value (LTV) of the Asset. Unlike the Fix and Flip loan, it doesn’t go through full underwriting and there’s no minimum FICO requirement for the borrower, as it doesn’t have many guidelines and criteria. This type of loan doesn’t have as many restrictions as one might think considering that it’s just money, so no more having to worry about bankruptcies, foreclosures, collections, etc. ​

Click Here To find out more about Hard Money or our Hard Money Loan Programs

At Stratton Equities, we offer the most diverse array of Hard Money Loans Nationwide including  New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, and Texas!

A Hard Money Loan is one of the most popular Loan Programs that real estate investors utilize for their real estate investments. Regardless of the type of real estate investor you are and your loan scenario, there is an array of loan programs that are designed to meet all your mortgage needs.

What is the difference between a Traditional Lender and a Private Lender?

The difference between a traditional lender and a private lender is that a traditional lender will offer a traditional mortgage to help finance your real estate investment. And a bank loan is not specific enough, nor is it accessible enough to properly meet your expectations and ambitions for a real estate deal as a private investor. 


As for private lenders, they offer a variety of loan options both for residential and commercial real estate that are specifically geared towards your needs and you will not be rejected because of your credit score. 


At Stratton Equities, not only do we offer strategic advice based on years of experience in the real estate market, but also we make the entire process simple and easy as there are few documents required to get approved. 


We understand that a multi-family loan is not for the short term as we are committed to selling private money loans for real estate. Interest rates are also much lower, starting at 8.74%, unlike the higher interest rates at a traditional bank. Unlike most other lenders, a multi-family hard money lender will get you the results you need with little restrictions, low costs, and exceptional accessibility.


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