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Hard Money Lenders for Florida Real Estate Investors

When you’re ready to finance your investment property purchase, working with an experienced hard money lender is an advantageous solution for prospective real estate investors. Stratton Equities is the leading direct private money lender with the largest library of hard money loan programs nationwide. 


Our Hard Money Loan Programs are structured to meet your needs, regardless of what type of loan you’re looking for. As one of the premiere hard money lenders for Florida real estate investors, our borrowers can rely on us to quickly finance their real estate investment deals in Florida and help them grow their business.

Find out more about Real Estate Loan Programs in Florida.

Unlocking Florida's Real Estate Potential with Direct Hard Money Loans

From the sun-kissed beaches of Miami to the historic allure of St. Augustine, Florida's diverse real estate landscape beckons investors with a promise of growth and prosperity. At Stratton Equities, we're here to ensure that your journey through the Sunshine State's property market is both lucrative and hassle-free with our specialized hard money loans.

Nationwide’s Leading Direct Hard Money Lender

When it comes to investment opportunities, Stratton Equities knows how important it is to expedite the financing needed for your project. At Stratton Equities, we offer hard money loans for most properties. Unlike the grueling process of bank mortgages which can take upwards of forty-five days, Stratton Equities has a fast approval process that can get you a hard money loan and provide you with funds in an average closing time of just 14-25 days, Stratton Equities is here to quickly assist you every step of the way.

Why Stratton Equities Stands Out in Florida's Real Estate Market

Florida's expansive coastlines, bustling urban centers, and serene suburban spaces make it a haven for real estate investments. Stratton Equities harmonizes with the state's unique pulse, offering rapid loan processes, competitive terms, and an unmatched understanding of the Floridian property market.

Stratton Equities - Hard Money Lending

A Florida Hard Money Mortgage lender can offer a larger library of the different types of hard money loan programs, providing unlimited opportunities for prospective borrowers.


Given that our hard money loans are based on the value of an investment property rather than the borrower’s credit score, we can fund deals for borrowers who are unable to get conventional funding due to a recent foreclosure, bad credit, or short sale. Even with tarnished credit, a borrower can obtain a hard money loan using the value of the investment property as collateral. This makes a hard money loan a great option for anyone from beginner investors with a limited credit history to experienced investors looking to free up liquidity and scale their business.


Stratton Equities funds hard money loans on single family, multi-family, mixed-use, and commercial - investment properties. 


The interest rates on an asset based hard money loan are usually higher than those of conventional loans. Interest rates for hard money loans range anywhere from 9.99%-10.49%, and Stratton Equities’ competitive loan programs offer qualified private investors some of the best rates in the industry. Hard money lenders typically charge higher interest rates due to the greater risk associated with these loans, and the incredible speed in which they are able to process and fund transactions. Hard money loans are a very strong tool for investors who need to move quickly. These short term (usually 12 months) loans are the perfect opportunity to aid any investor in developing their success.

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What are the 3 Steps to Processing a Hard Money Loan?

Key Features of Our Florida Hard Money Loans

Navigating the complexities of Florida's vast real estate market demands a seasoned financial partner. Stratton Equities, with its deep-rooted expertise in the state's property landscape, remains the preferred choice for hard money loans.

Hard Money Loans Florida Overview

  • Rates Starting at 9.99%

  • $100K – $5M

  • Up to 75% LTV

  • Blanket Loan Options Available

  • Single-Family, Condos, Townhomes, Multi-Family, Commercial, Mixed Use, Office, Retail, Industrial, Warehouse

  • Fixed rates/Adjustable

  • 9-24 Month Terms

  • Interest Only Payments

  • Purchase, Refinance, or Cash Out

  • Foreign Nationals Eligible

  • No Prepayment Penalty Option Available

Benefits of Asset Based Loans for Florida Real Estate Investors

There are multiple benefits for Florida Real Estate Investors who utilize asset-based loans including; the fast application and approval time. 

Unlike traditional loan programs which involve more underwriting and application materials, asset-based loans have a quick approval time and a streamlined process.

If you are a borrower with a prospective investment property to add to your portfolio, as an asset-based loan has less underwriting, and higher interest rates, worried that the investment property you are looking at might be purchased before your mortgage loan approval has been processed, an asset-based loan should alleviate these worries. Because there is less underwriting, there are also higher interest rates. 

Another perk of the asset-based loan is that cash flow asset-based lending allows you to keep on top of expenditures, necessary purchases, and new investments while waiting for incoming cash payments. It doesn’t have to be used for specific purchases or items, so you can have the flexibility needed to make your investments blossom.


Like its name, a bridge loan bridges that gap, so your business and investments can swim not sink. The revolving line of credit allows you to grow your loans alongside the growth of your assets, meaning your past successes cannot hold you back from future success and greater loan limits. This opportunity for increased liquidity means that you can purchase more real estate without your current loans holding you back. 

How to Apply for a Florida Money Loan?

Applying for a Hard Money Loan in Florida is a fast and easy process with an experienced Hard Money Lender like Stratton Equities. If you’re a borrower with an investment property in Florida, reach out to direct private money or hard money lender to assess your loan scenario.


We can provide a Hard Money Loan in Florida for the following property types:​


- Single-Family

- Mixed-Use 

- Multi-Family

- Commercial


​The prospective borrower applying for a hard money loan in Florida will work directly with a member of our loan officer team to discuss their real estate investment goals and figure out how a Hard Money Loan can help them achieve those goals. Apply today and close in three weeks or less!

Hard Money Lender for Florida Real Estate Investors

If you’re a Florida Real Estate Investor, working directly with a Nationwide Hard Money Lender will provide the security, stability, and support needed to take on a high-risk loan. Stratton’s hard money lenders can help you take out a loan regardless of your credit score and with a fast approval process of 


Stratton Equities has had years of experience in working directly with real estate investors all over the United States to achieve their real estate goals. Direct Private Money and Hard Money Lenders provide loan programs with less underwriting and fewer guidelines that close within 21 - 35 days. Stratton’s hard money lenders can help you take out a loan regardless of your credit score and with a fast approval process.

Stratton Equities is the leading Nationwide Direct Hard Money and NON-QM Lender that specializes in fast and flexible lending processes. The team is owned and operated by experienced Real Estate Investors providing a reliable and knowledgeable team to help California Real Estate investors succeed.


For more information, call Stratton Equities at 800-962-6613, email us, or apply for loan pre-qualification today.

Found an investment property and are interested in applying for a loan?

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