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Direct Private Money Loans for Florida Real Estate Investors

In the sun-soaked expanses of Florida, real estate investors encounter a world of opportunities. Stratton Equities stands poised to ensure that investors have the necessary capital to tap into these potential riches. We specialize in private money loans meticulously tailored for the Florida real estate landscape.


The real estate voyage, while promising, can present its own challenges. And it's during these times that having a robust financial partner becomes crucial. This is where Stratton Equities shines. Gone are the days of waiting endlessly with traditional banks, navigating through their complex checks. Instead, experience a streamlined process where your private money loan can be approved and delivered in an average closing time of just 3 weeks.


Our seasoned team, with their deep understanding of the Florida real estate market nuances, becomes your steadfast partner. Whether it's the bustling streets of Miami, the serene landscapes of Naples, or the dynamic hubs of Tampa, our loans offer the agility and speed you need.


Reach out today, and let's explore how we can elevate your Florida real estate investment aspirations.


Are You a Candidate for NON-QM Loans? Find Out More.

Tailored Financing Solutions for Florida's Vibrant Property Market

Dive into the bustling real estate landscape of Florida with Stratton Equities by your side. Our groundbreaking private money and NON-QM loan programs cater precisely to your investment aspirations, irrespective of the specific mortgage loan type you seek in the Sunshine State. We pride ourselves on offering a broad spectrum of Private Money Loan Programs and NON-QM Mortgage Loan Products tailored for Florida's diverse real estate market.


As a trusted leader in direct private money lending for Florida's real estate investors, Stratton Equities is synonymous with swift financing and robust support. Our borrowers benefit immensely from our quick turnaround on real estate deals, amplified by the deep knowledge and proficiency of our seasoned team of loan officers. Count on us to be your financial pillar, propelling your business growth every step of the way.

Fast-Track Your Florida Real Estate Ventures with Stratton Equities

Navigate the ever-evolving real estate landscape of Florida with the backing of Stratton Equities. Recognizing the inefficiencies of traditional bank mortgages that often extend beyond forty-five days, we've streamlined our processes. Our promise is clear: swift approvals and funding for your private money loan in an average closing window of just 3 weeks. Our commitment is unwavering, aiming to provide impeccable service, and ensuring you're supported at every pivotal moment.

Comprehensive Loan Programs Aligned with Your Ambitions

Delve into our wide-ranging Hard Money and Direct Private Money  loan offerings, each sculpted to align with distinct investment blueprints:

Florida Fix and Flip Real Estate Loans

Real Estate Investors in Florida who seek Fix and Flip Loans come to Stratton Equities because we have the largest amount of loan products and solutions under one roof. As a Private Money Mortgage Lender, we are the ideal match for fix and flippers due to our fast approval process and unique guidelines.

Fix and flip loans are the perfect mortgage program for borrowers looking to finance their next investment property. This type of private lending loan program provides access to capital quickly, and efficiently, and can close in 14-25 business days.

One of the leading benefits when working with a private money loan program is the quick turnaround! Real Estate Investors looking to expedite the process can utilize a private lender, like Stratton Equities, to secure the required capital needed to renovate the property.


When working with a Private Lender you can leverage your investment and make sure the next opportunity is already lined up. The Stratton Equities’ Fix and Flip loan process gives the Real Estate Investor or Broker a direct route to the approval, normally within 14-25 days.

We look forward to working with you!

What is a Florida Hard Money Loan?

Stratton Equities is a Leading Nationwide Direct Hard Money Lender, we have an array of private money and NON-QM loan programs including hard money loans that are designed to meet all your mortgage needs. It doesn't matter what type of borrower you are and or what your investment loan scenario entails.

A hard money loan is among the most popular programs that real estate investors utilize for their investments. 

For more information about Hard Money Loans for Florida Real Estate Investors or to find out more about Hard Money Loans, please visit our What is a Hard Money Loan page.

Everything you need to know about Hard Money Loans: Hard Money Made Easy 101.

Found an investment property and interested in applying for a loan?

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