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Tailored Private Money Loans for Pennsylvania's Property Market

At Stratton Equities, we recognize the unique opportunities and challenges of the Pennsylvania real estate landscape. 


That's why we offer specialized private money and NON-QM mortgage loans, tailored specifically for Pennsylvania real estate investors. With a focus on speed and flexibility, our dedicated team ensures that Pennsylvania investors can seize market opportunities as they arise. 


Whether you're looking to refurbish a historic home in Pittsburgh or develop a new commercial space in Philadelphia, Stratton Equities is your trusted partner in ensuring your real estate ventures in the Keystone State are a success.

Are You a Candidate for NON-QM Loans? Find Out More.

Private Money Loans for Pennsylvania Real Estate Investors

At Stratton Equities, we specialize in private money loans tailored for diverse property types and unique financial situations. Forget the lengthy, often exasperating bank mortgage processes that can stretch beyond forty-five days. With Stratton Equities, you can expect your private money loan approval and funding in as little as 3 weeks. We're committed to streamlining your experience, guiding you promptly at every turn.

Comprehensive Loan Programs Tailored for Pennsylvania Investors

Stratton Equities is Pennsylvania's premier lender, specializing in rapid and reliable private money loans tailored to propel your real estate investment ventures.


Bypass the protracted wait times that come with conventional bank mortgages, often lingering for over forty-five days. With Stratton Equities, expect a swift approval process for your private money loan, delivering funds to you within a mere 3-week average closing window. We're unwavering in our dedication to accelerate your investment process, providing consistent guidance at every juncture.


Our versatile range of Hard Money, NON-QM, and Direct Private Money  loan programs are tailored to support an array of investment endeavors including:

Diverse Hard Money Loan Offerings for Pennsylvania's Investors

Stratton Equities stands as a premier Nationwide Direct Hard Money Lender. Our diversified suite of loan programs, especially hard money loans, is tailored to cater to any mortgage requirement you might have, regardless of your investor profile or specific loan scenario.

Among the vast range of loan products, hard money loans have emerged as the go-to choice for real estate investors aiming to maximize their investments.


For an in-depth understanding of Hard Money Loans tailored for Pennsylvania Real Estate Investors, or to delve deeper into the nuances of Hard Money Loans, we recommend visiting our dedicated 'What is a Hard Money Loan' page.

Everything you need to know about Hard Money Loans: Hard Money Made Easy 101.

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