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Private Money Loans for Georgia Real Estate Investors

Stratton Equities is the leading Nationwide direct private and NON-QM lender for Real Estate Investors. 

Regardless of what type of real estate investment loan you're looking for, we offer the most diverse array of Private Money Loan Programs for Georgia Real Estate Investors for their investment properties.

We offer the largest library of Private Money and Non-Qualified Mortgage Loan Programs to Georgia Real Estate Investors for their investment properties.

As one of the leading direct private money lenders for Georgia real estate investors, our borrowers can rely on us to quickly finance their real estate deals and help them grow their business with our knowledge and experienced team of loan officers.

Ready to discuss your loan scenario with a member of our team? Apply now and contact us today! Want to find out more, enter your loan scenario into our Mortgage Loan Calculator.

Are You a Candidate for NON-QM Loans? Find Out More.

Private Money Loan Programs in Georgia

At Stratton Equities, we offer private money loans for various types of investment properties and loan scenarios. Unlike the grueling process of bank mortgages which can take upwards of forty-five days, Stratton Equities can approve your private money loan or NON-QM mortgage program, and provide you with financing in an average closing time of just 21-35 days, Stratton Equities is here to quickly assist you with every step of the way. 

Our Hard Money and Direct Private Money loan programs support the following investment projects:

What is a Georgia Hard Money Loan?

Stratton Equities is a Leading Nationwide Direct Hard Money Lender, we have an array of investment property loan programs including hard money loans and NO-DOC loans that are designed to meet all your mortgage needs. It doesn't matter what type of borrower you are or what your loan scenario for your investment property entails.

A hard money loan is among the most popular programs that real estate investors utilize for their investments. 

For more information about Hard Money Loans for Georgia Real Estate Investors or to find out more about Hard Money Loans, please visit our What is a Hard Money Loan page.

Everything you need to know about Hard Money Loans: Hard Money Made Easy 101.

What is a Georgia Private Money Lender?

When working with a Private Money Lender in Georgia, mortgage lenders base loan qualification on the value or potential value of the investment property, allowing prospective real estate investors who may have trouble qualifying for a traditional mortgage an ideal candidate for Hard Money on NON-QM Loan.

Traditionally, Georgia mortgage lenders work with conventional loans that rely on proof of employment, tax documentation, and credit score. A Georgia Private Money Lender works with asset-based loans, which are mortgage loan programs that are based on the value or potential value of an investment property in the loan scenario. 

Asset-based loans are ideal for Georgia real estate investors who might be self-employed, have poor credit, or have other circumstances which make traditional mortgage approval difficult. Approval is based on the Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV), which compares the loan amount to the value of the property. This makes the approval process quick and easy, making it a great solution for real estate investors in Georgia who want to close quickly on a property.

Benefits of Asset Based Loans for Georgia Real Estate Investors

There are many benefits for Georgia Real Estate Investors to use an asset-based loan. One of the greatest benefits for Georgia-based borrowers is the fast application and approval time.


Unlike conventional loans, which involve more underwriting and application materials, an asset-based loan includes a seamless process and a quick approval time. If you are worried that the investment property you are looking at might be purchased before your mortgage loan approval has been processed, an asset-based loan should alleviate these worries. Because there is less underwriting, there are also higher interest rates. 

Another perk of the asset-based loan is that cash flow asset-based lending allows you to keep on top of expenditures, necessary purchases, and new investments while you are waiting for incoming cash payments. It doesn’t have to be used for specific purchases or items, so you can have the flexibility needed to make your investments blossom. Like its name, a bridge loan bridges that gap, so your business and investments can swim not sink. The revolving line of credit allows you to grow your loans alongside the growth of your assets, meaning your past successes cannot hold you back from future success and greater loan limits. This opportunity for increased liquidity means that you can purchase more real estate without your current loans holding you back.

How can I Get Started Working with a Georgia Private Money Lender Today?

If you are a Georgia Real Estate Investor and are looking to purchase an investment property, but are worried about your self-employed status disqualifying you from traditional mortgages, contact Stratton Equities at 800-962-6613, email us, or apply for loan pre-qualification today! 

Our team of loan officers will talk you through the process of applying for private money or a NON-QM mortgage loan in Georgia and will quickly process the application, allowing you to run your business and get the funding you need for your loan scenario.

Contact Stratton Equities today, and we can help you determine which private money loan program fits your real estate investment the best! We are the leading direct hard money and NON-QM lender for Georgia Real Estate Entrepreneurs – we have a wide range of programs, the lowest private money rates (starting at 6.99%), a helpful, friendly, and professional team, and a quick and hassle-free loan approval process. Working with us will get you through all the fine details in a rapid process, out-pacing our competitors. 

Getting in touch with Stratton Equities to discuss working together to offer loan options is a fast and easy process! We are excited to speak with you and discuss mutually beneficial options. 

Contact Stratton Equities to figure out the best working relationship for you and your business! One of our top loan officers will be in contact with you within 24 hours!

We look forward to working with you!

Found an investment property and interested in applying for a loan?

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