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About Stratton Equities

Updated: Feb 9

About Stratton Equities

Stratton Equities is the leading Nationwide Direct Hard Money Lender that specializes in fast and flexible lending processes. Our team is owned and operated by experienced Real Estate Investors, providing a reliable and knowledgeable team to help all Real Estate investors, Developers, and other professionals in the Mortgage and Real Estate industry succeed. Our process is simple, concise, and effective consisting of 3 steps: Pre-Approval, Processing & Underwriting, and Funding.

How It All Started

Michael Mikhail is the Founder and CEO of Stratton Equities, the nation’s leading hard money lender to national real estate investors, with the largest variety of mortgage loans and programs in the country. Having launched Stratton Equities in early 2017, Michael has always been an entrepreneur and innovator in the real estate market, purchasing his first home at 19.

After traveling to 19 countries in 5 years, Michael knew two things; he wanted to start his own business and launch it in the United States. He knew that moving back to the states was the best place he could start something small and grow it into something infinite.

In 2017, Michael noticed how the mortgage industry had transformed after the regulations presented from 2008-2012, and knew it was time to set out something on his own, thus creating Stratton Equities. Under Mikhail’s leadership, Stratton Equities has grown into one of the biggest leaders in the Mortgage and Real Estate industry across genres and platforms.

Stratton Equities

Our company approves more hard money loans for real estate investors than you can imagine, and quicker than you think. We’re innovative and far more diverse than that of our competitors in experience, expertise, and knowledge. Our team has experience is various backgrounds and industries, allowing us to put ourselves in your shoes when it comes time to be approved for a loan. No one understands the importance of approving a loan quickly and efficiently quite like we do. Our mission is to make private mortgage lending easy, efficient, and worry-free.

Stratton Equities


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