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Hard Money Loans & Why You Should Work with a Hard Money Lender

Updated: Feb 9

Are you looking to finance a real estate investment but cannot get conventional financing due your reported income, employment, or credit score? A Hard Money Loan might be the right option for you.

Working with a Hard Money Lender will allow you to have your loan approved in half the time a traditional bank loan takes, with less underwriting and guidelines, giving you the opportunity to quickly purchase high in demand investment properties.

What is a Hard Money Loan?

A Hard Money Loan is ideal for the real estate investor who might have issues obtaining a traditional bank loan or a loan with full underwriting.

A Hard Money Loan is an asset-based loan: the financing is based on the Loan to Value (LTV) of the Asset. There are less restrictions than for other types of loans, so full underwriting and no minimum FICO score are required for the borrower, meaning you don’t have to worry about bankruptcies, foreclosures, collections, etc. They are usually capped at 65% LTV or less.

Because of high cost regulations and predatory lending, Hard Money Loans are for investment properties only - so if you’re looking for an owner-occupied property, this is not the loan for you. Some states have non-judicial foreclosure laws, which protect lenders and make them more comfortable doing these high-risk loans, as the money is not sold on the secondary market and the lender holds the note.

How can I acquire a Hard Money Loan?

Applying for a Hard Money Loan is a fast and easy process. First, find an investment property and reach out to a direct private money lender to assess your loan scenario.

Direct private money lenders, such as the Nationwide Direct Private Money Lender Stratton Equities, can provide a Hard Money Loan for the following property types:​

- Single-Family

- Mixed-Use

- Multi-Family

- Commercial

​After applying for a loan, the prospective borrower will work directly with a loan officer to discuss their real estate investment dreams and how a Hard Money Loan can help them achieve their goals. Apply today and close in three weeks or less!

Why should I work with a Hard Money Lender?

Working with a Hard Money Lender gives you the security needed to take on a high-risk loan.

With companies like, Stratton Equities, they have years of experience in working with real estate investors to achieve their goals. Direct Private Money Lenders provide loan programs with less underwriting and less guidelines that close within 21 - 30 days.

Stratton Equities is the leading Nationwide Direct Hard Money and NON-QM Lender that specializes in fast and flexible lending processes. The team is owned and operated by experienced Real Estate Investors providing a reliable and knowledgeable team to help all Real Estate investors succeed.

For more information, call Stratton Equities at 800-962-6613, email us, or apply for loan pre-qualification today.

  • Written by: Michael Mikhail, CEO & Founder, Stratton Equities

Hard Money Loans & Why You Should Work with a Hard Money Lender

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