Stratton Equities is the Leading Hard Money & NON-QM Lender For National Real Estate Investors

Think outside the bank, Hard Money Lending made Easy.

Stratton Equities is the Leading Nationwide direct hard money & NON-QM lender for Real Estate Investors. 

Our Mission = Your Success!

We are passionate about helping small business owners, contractors, and Real Estate investors, swiftly and efficiently finance their investment goals. We customize our hard money loan programs for each unique project investment needs.

Diverse Loan Programs

Our diverse array of Loan programs and experienced Loan Officers will tailor the perfect loan options for your unique Real Estate scenario. Stratton Equities funds the following loan programs; Hard Money,  fix and flip for real estate investors, Bridge Loans, Commercial, New Construction, Stated Income, Commercial Bridge Loans, Foreclosure Bailouts, and Cash-Out Refinance Projects for non-owner occupied properties.  Check out our hard money loan programs!

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We look forward to working with you as your lending partner on your next Real Estate investment. If you have a Loan Scenario and would like to speak to one of our Loan Officers, please contact us directly or submit a loan application!

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If you've never applied for a Hard Money Loan and want to find out more, check out How to Get a Hard Money Loan in just 3 easy steps with Stratton Equites!

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Are you a Loan Officer looking to expand your opportunities? We are always looking to grow our team and have positions for Loan Officer Jobs available - apply now! 


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A One-Stop-Shop: Your Trusted Resource for Real Estate Investors, No More Headaches or Time Wasting! 

At Stratton Equities, Real Estate Investors have access to a one-stop-shop for all your nationwide direct hard money & NON-QM Loan Programs. For a complete list of our loan programs please visit our products page.

Nationwide and Then Some!
re you looking for a Hard Money Loan in New Jersey or California? or a Direct Hard Money Lender in Texas, Florida, or New York? or a Fix and Flip Loan in Georgia?


No matter where you live or where you wish to focus your investment opportunities, Stratton Equities can help you obtain the right Loan Program for your upcoming Real Estate endeavor.

No-Income-Verification Loans: Innovative Loans Under One Roof

Stratton Equities, unlike traditional lenders, continues to efficiently deliver rare programs for all your Real Estate Investment needs. Looking for a Commercial Bridge Loan in New Hampshire?


How about a No-Income-Verification Loan in  Connecticut? Our Stated Income (whether it's purchased, cash-out, or rate in term) Loan starts at 5.00%! 

Looking for a Direct Private Money Lender? Stratton Equities' dedicated and knowledgeable team of Loan Officers is the #1 trusted resource to guide you through the mortgage approval process to get you approved for your loan.  

While a private money loan can take place when friends and family lend you money for your Real Estate Investment goals, it most commonly originates from a financial institution like Stratton Equities. For Real Estate Investors at any level of experience private money is useful to close larger deals. A solid real estate investing experience, a highly appraised property as a collateral along with a high estimated profit margin are important factors for a Direct Private Money Lender, like Stratton Equities to fund a deal.

Expect the Best: Your Success is Our Success.

From coast to coast, Stratton Equities has a team of experienced, professional, and hard working Loan Officers ready to work with your real estate scenario on your next investment property. 


Hard Money Loans

Expedited Loan Process

Stratton Equities provides direct access to hard money funds, ensuring that all your real estate investment goals are obtainable. Our team is designated to assure the best possible options for our prospective borrowers.

A Stratton Equities’ team member can provide a pre-approval for a loan within 24 hrs. As a direct hard money mortgage lender, we have the ability to provide a prospective borrower with an expedited loan process, ensuring a swift and easy service.

National Services

We provide direct hard money funds nationally. To inquire about our national, partnerships with loan officers, title agents, and appraisers, feel free to contact us directly.

Strategic Financial Planning

Whether you are a new borrower or a first time real estate investor, Stratton Equities will guide you every step of the loan process. We have a unique prospective on the loan process and ensure a supportive management team with upmost experience.

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Rates, terms and conditions offered only to qualified borrowers and are subject to change at any time without notice. Closing times are in business days and commence upon receipt of appraisal payment and satisfaction of borrower conditions. Closing times may be delayed due to appraiser property access . All loans are subject to full underwriting for loan approvals.