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Multifamily Loans: Clarification in Commercial Real Estate

Updated: Feb 9

How to Finance an Apartment with Multifamily Loans

Using a Multifamily Loan to finance an apartment will allow you to buy a property that could very well end up being self-sufficient from the monthly rent you receive from tenants. Buying multifamily real estate properties may seem complicated at first glance, but a Multifamily Loan now offers a private money loan where the only option used to be a traditional loan. 

Multifamily financing from a trusted financial institution like Stratton Equities can provide you the capital you need to finance your investment property. A Multifamily Loan from Stratton Equities will also be ready in a timelier fashion than traditional loans and come with less burdensome paperwork. 

What is a Multifamily Loan?

A Multifamily Loan is an excellent choice for people who want a variety of assets in their portfolio. This type of loan is needed to finance a building containing at least two unique dwelling units. The term “multifamily commercial real estate” typically describes a residential property with more than five units, such as an apartment building or apartment complex. Investing in multifamily commercial real estate eclipses the need to buy several unique residences.

These loans can be bridge loans or term loans. The good news about a Multifamily Loan from Stratton Equities is that it is offered at a comparative rate starting at 4.75%, features LTV up to 80%, and you can get 5, 7, or 30-year terms. Additionally, you can expect to close on Multifamily Loan in 20-30 days, and you will be a landlord!

How Can I Acquire a Multifamily Loan?

The Loan Officers at Stratton Equities are experts in the field, and can make quick work of helping you apply for a Multifamily Loan. A property with a positive cash flow is a better choice for a Multifamily Loan, and the subject property should be debt servicing. As long as your property is classified as an investment property, you are eligible to use a Multifamily Loan. The process will be easier if you can prove that the apartments are fully rented. With all of this paperwork in hand, as well as your personal information handy, a loan officer will take you through the process with ease. 

What Do Direct Private Money Loans Have to Do With It?

Direct private money lenders finance these Multifamily Loans. Because many real estate investors struggle with finding money in a more traditional loan format, or they don’t have the time to wait, those looking for multifamily financing get what they need in a direct private money loan program.

  • Private money lenders look at the whole picture, including your credit, your investments, your experience, and the real estate you are interested in buying.

  • There is an average closing length of 20-30 days.

  • Fix and Flip Loans entail less paperwork and underwriting.

  • Bridge Loan: No W2s or pay stubs required for the past 2 months.

  • Real estate investors will be able to customize the loan and the time frame.

If you are interested in financing an apartment complex, Stratton Equities will help you acquire a loan that is right for your unique situation. A Multifamily Loan will help you be well on your way to acquiring rent from clients that will continue to keep you in the real estate loop. With rates starting at 4.75%, it’s easy to see why we’re the top capital source for ambitious real estate investors. 

For more information, call Stratton Equities at 800-962-6613, email us, or apply for loan pre-qualification today.

Multifamily Loans: Clarification in Commercial Real Estate


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