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How Do Realtors Benefit from working with a Hard Money Lender?

Updated: Feb 9

Working with a Hard Money Lender gives Realtors the opportunity to close deals quicker and without hassle, enabling them to help all real estate investors finance their investment. Since Hard Money lenders base loan qualification on the value or potential value of a property, real estate investors who may have trouble qualifying for a traditional mortgage are ideal candidates for a Hard Money Loan!

What is a Hard Money Lender?

A Traditional Mortgage lender relies on proof of employment, tax documentation, and credit score. A Hard Money lender bases loan approval on the value or potential for value of a property, making this idea for real estate investors who might be self-employed, have poor credit, or other circumstances which make traditional mortgage approval difficult. Approval is based on the Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV), which compares the loan amount to the value of the property. This makes the approval process quick and easy, making it a great fit for investors who want to close quickly on a property.

Why Should You Work with a Hard Money Lender?

As a realtor, working with a Hard Money lender enables you to provide more types of real estate investors with loans that fit their unique situations. Rather than simply assisting those real estate investors who are eligible for a traditional mortgage, you can also help investors who are interested in purchasing property that cannot be approved for a traditional loan. Not only does working with a Hard Money lender allow you to close deals on a fast timeline, but also improves their satisfaction because they know you can help them get approved for a quick loan that will fund their investment, not matter their situation.

How Can I Get Started Working with a Hard Money Lender Today?

Getting in touch with Stratton Equities to discuss working together to offer loan options is a fast and easy process! We are excited to speak with you and discus mutually beneficial options.

Contact Stratton Equities to figure out the best working relationship for you and your business! One of our top loan officers will be in contact with you within 24 hours!

To learn what documentation you might need, visit our Document Library.

How Do Realtors Benefit from working with a Hard Money Lender


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